5 (not so) common-sense tips in selecting a property stylist

After three weeks and no offers, the clients changed their minds about investing in property styling. Within a week the property sold significantly ahead of its initial asking price. Here are five tips for selecting a property stylist.

Not all property stylists are the same, but they are a must in today’s market place, according to Cameron Nicholls, founder and principal of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents.

“The presentation of a property can make or break a deal,” he said.

“You wouldn’t wear Dior to the rugby so make sure you find the appropriate match when it comes to presenting a property.”

He said he experienced the situation described above late last year, and the clients’ decision to go with the stylist made all the difference in selling the property.

“The client initially didn’t want to invest in property styling and chose to put the apartment to market empty. But within a week of the furniture package arriving, the apartment sold for well over their asking price.”

Mr Nicholls’ top five tips for selecting and briefing a property stylist are:

1. Engage more than one
It’s better to have at least two or more who have different styles and looks.

2. Let them work their magic
You don’t need to be there, they are the experts so let them do what they do best.

3. Remember you can use existing items
Stylists can work with existing furniture and simply add some sparkle, colour and freshen them up.

4. Make sure there is an extension option
Just in case the auction or campaign doesn’t run to plan you need a buffer.

5. Have options
Budget and premium stylists and or packages.

5 (not so) common-sense tips in selecting a property stylist
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