Questions you must ask before buying property off-the-plan


uying property off-the-plan is sometimes viewed as a risky investment strategy, but several buyers have used this purchasing process to get ahead of the market. So what do you need to know before signing on the dotted line?

Questions to ask yourself when buying an off-the-plan apartment
• Does the display model have a good feel to it?
• Does it feel spacious?
• Are the finishes high quality?
• Is there enough storage available?
• Should I spend extra for top-of-the-range appliances?
• Which direction will my apartment face? Is this ideal?
• Will the apartment get a lot of sunlight?
• What amenities are close to the apartment site?
• Is the space functional?
• Are the bedrooms reasonably sized? What furniture can they accommodate?

Questions to ask the developer when buying off-the-plan
• Is the layout of my off-the-plan apartment subject to change?
• When is the expected completion date? Can this vary? If so, how much can it vary?
• In the unfortunate event that the development can no longer go ahead, what is the process of getting my deposit back?
• Am I entitled to interest earned on my deposit?
• Which stage of development is my apartment in?
• How much should I expect to pay in strata fees?
• What is the building’s policy on pets?
• What aspects of the apartment are customisable?

Questions you must ask before buying property off-the-plan
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