5 budget-friendly bathroom upgrades

The state of your investment property's bathroom could be what's standing between you and your next tenant – but old bathrooms don’t have to look weary, thanks to these transformational ideas on a modest budget.

Blogger: Michael Murray, managing director, Murray Property

Bathroom renovations vary radically in cost, but you can expect a complete bathroom refurbishment to set you back in excess of $15,000. Upgrading an old bathroom doesn't mean a complete renovation and expensive fixtures. Some novel ideas can help you change features of your bathroom that can dramatically upscale the way it looks. Exploit your ingenuity and add character to your bathroom with these electrifying upgrades on a modest budget.

1. Synchronise accessories for a harmonious finish

Bathrooms tend to look cluttered and overcrowded when too many different elements are added to it – especially when it comes to incompatible accessories and fixtures. Infuse a synchronised luxurious finish to your bathroom by using matching accessories and fixtures throughout the space. For example, complement your wood-finished cabinetry with a wood-inspired mirror decorative mirror frame. Complete the rustic wooden look with wood-finished towel racks and toilet paper holders. If you like the vintage-inspired look, you can introduce features with metallic finishes. Matching accessories inspires a sense of serene harmony for the bathroom.

2. Revamp bathroom countertops

Over prolonged use, bathroom countertops can look lifeless and dull – upsetting the look of the bathroom. You can consider some inexpensive materials like tiles, laminate or acrylic to revamp the look of your countertops without making a huge investment. Laminate in particular has moved up the ladder from visible seams and horrid pastels to beautiful finishes that mimic the natural look of stone and wood. Tiles are fantastic if you want to recreate an informal mosaic finish or a casual feel for your bathroom. Use bright countertop colours to create a focal point with minimal effort in your bathroom.

3. Polish your floors for a renewed look

More often than not, bathrooms look dull because of tired-looking floor tiles. Groom your vintage floor tiles with some acid etcher to remove surface-level dirt from the tiles and grout. Use floor polish on the tiles to revive your bathroom floor tiles. Polishing floor tiles gives them a glossy and more luxurious finish, while making your bathroom appear fresher. Let the wall and floor colours match for a symphonic look throughout the bathroom.

4. Light up the bathroom

Light has the power to perform all sorts of miracles. Add them to your bathroom and you’ll literally see your bathroom in a new light. Create an attractive light fixture on the ceiling to feature a lavish finish. Mirrors can look a bit drab, so add panelled overlays to your mirror frame with a series of focus lights illuminating it. Recessed wall lights create an elegantly sleek look for the bathroom.

5. Add a decorative vanity

Instead of an unremarkable sink cabinet and medicine chest, why not consider adding a decorative vanity to liven up the space? You can paint it in a similar shade to your wall colour to give it a plush built-in appearance. Used decorative vanities can be bought extremely cheap and simply need a little paint to look as good as new.

5 budget-friendly bathroom upgrades
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