4 tips for a festive clean up

You’ve been putting it off all year: those niggly little home DIY projects that never seem to get done.

The holidays are now just around the corner, as well as a whole lot of free time – providing you with the perfect excuse to get working. Here are a number of tips to make your Christmas break productive around the home.

Be realistic

Before you start any DIY project make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. There is no point starting a task only to realise halfway through that it is beyond your means and capability to complete. 

• Be well resourced

Keep in mind that many businesses close up shop over the Christmas period so ensure you have all your supplies organised before you start. One way to avoid running out of supplies is to stick to small projects rather than major makeovers. 

• Keep focused

By keeping your projects small you will see quicker results, which will also allow you to move onto the next task quicker. Small projects include simple maintenance and repairs, which are not likely to cause too much interference and inconvenience to your household. 

Replacing fittings, like shower curtains or bedroom curtains; mending any cracks and giving a fresh coat of paint is also a quick way to revamp your home. 

Other tasks worth considering might include sanding and oiling your timber deck, building small retaining walls or flower beds, and even re-grouting your bathroom tiles – tasks which are generally guaranteed to give your property a new lease on life. 

One job that is well worth taking on if you own a free standing home is to clean out your gutters. Not only will this potentially minimise damage through water build up and rusting, with bush fire season upon us it’s a must.

• Look for long term benefits

As well as making your home more liveable, why not make it more cost effective and energy efficient by installing backyard recycled water systems and other devices to save power around the house. 

Spend a day changing all your light globes to energy efficient versions and replacing shower heads to economic low-flow models for immediate results.


4 tips for a festive clean up
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