Top tips for managing cash flow

Property has long been a favourite investment choice for Australians and with values historically doubling every eight to 12 years there’s little wonder why!


But capital gains is really only half the story when considering your potential return on investment. Shrewd property investors also look for cash flow opportunities driven by good rental values.

The current market couldn’t be more attractive for property investors. There is a dramatic shortage of rental accommodation in certain parts of Australia, and with immigration on the rise and building activity currently subdued that shortage looks set to intensify.

This imbalance in supply and demand means rental returns look set to head in one direction – and that’s up. So what’s the winning formula to picking an investment property that offers good cash flow?

Most of the same principals to selecting an investment with the potential for good capital growth also apply to properties offering solid rental yields.

• Location is the key consideration – so make sure you invest in an area where there is likely to always be competition among tenants for rental property. This             could be on the city fringes where commuting is easy; otherwise close proximity to train stations and other public transport usually helps to also add value. 


• Consider what amenities are close at hand – schools, hospitals, shops and entertainment within easy reach are all a plus when seeking investment locations. 


• Think about the kind of tenants you want to attract. For example an inner city apartment is likely to appeal to professional couples, whereas a suburban house         is better suited to a family. 


• Check rental prices and vacancy rates in the area with local estate agents before making an offer on a new investment property, and remember to speak with           your mortgage broker to explore the different financing options available to you. 


Top tips for managing cash flow
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