4 Tips for enjoying entertainment on a shoestring

You don’t need to hide under a rock if you have a family budget to stick to... You still need to have fun and enjoy life. 


Life is meant to be fun, but money pressures brought on by financial commitments can mean this is sometimes hard to achieve. However, there are ways to have fun on a shoestring, and these simple tips will show you how.

• Movie nights

Going to the movies is expensive. There’s admission, drinks, snacks... The costs can skyrocket fast. But if you sign up online to the latest deals, you can receive discounts to some the latest and greatest flicks. Greater Union, for example, have a ‘Cinebuzz’ membership scheme offering movie discounts and freebies. Alternatively, why not have your own movie night at home? Most DVD stores offer rental deals with awesome savings. 

• Hairdresser trips

Hairdressers can charge an arm and a leg – but not if you’re savvy. While senior stylists charge the highest rate, you can generally get the same ‘do’ at a discount if you request a junior stylist. Alternatively, training colleges like TAFE NSW have students who are eager to cut, colour, crop and crimp your hair as you wish – and it’s practically free. 

• Eating out

We all love dining out – but how do you know where to balance fine food with an affordable price? Many restaurants have their menu online, so it helps to check out the prices before you arrive. Also, check out your local paper for special deals. Alternatively, websites like DineClever source the latest and greatest restaurant deals and email them right to your inbox. Plus, it’s free to subscribe – you can’t get cheaper than that!

• Music gigs

Paying to watch live music concerts can be pricey, with costs stretching to over $100 a ticket. But why overpay when there’s great local talent around? There are plenty of live bands on the local circuit plus you’ll generally get a better seat and be able to invite more of your mates. Check out your local sporting or RSL club, which host some great performances.


4 Tips for enjoying entertainment on a shoestring
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