House & land considerations

If you’re in the market for a new home, a house and land package can offer a relatively straight forward option.


Without a doubt, building a property from scratch can be an intimidating task. A house and land package offers a popular solution for home buyers who would like all of the benefits of a new home – without the hassles.

At heart, a house and land package is basically an off-the-shelf home, but there will be varied degrees of scope with which to tweak the design and inclusions, according to your personal taste and needs. 

• Certainly, the biggest appeal of a house and land package is the convenience it offers. Unlike doing it yourself, there will be no need to deal with architects, builders and tradies. Instead, the developer will take care of everything for you.

• That said, you’ll still have a degree of choice with regards to colour schemes, bench tops, floor coverings and so on, depending on the developer, the package and of course, your budget.

• Another advantage of a house and land package is that it will usually come with a ‘fixed’ price, which can reduce the danger of a budget blowout, all too common among owner-builders. 

• Furthermore, most developers offer a guaranteed build time, so it’s easier to time your living arrangements.

While there are certainly advantages of choosing a package, you’ll still need to proceed with caution and make the relevant considerations.

• For example, while a ‘fixed’ price can make budgeting easier, you need to carefully assess exactly what is included in that price. Different builders will offer different inclusions so you’ll need to know what you’re getting in order to avoid any nasty surprise expenses.

• Also be sure to do your due diligence to ensure you make an informed selection. Conduct thorough research of what’s on the market so you know what types of options are available, what your price guidelines are, what should be included for what price and where packages are available. Conduct your research online initially but be sure to hit the pavement and visit a range of villages and sites. The more research you do, the better versed you’ll be to make a smart decision.

• Once you’ve narrowed your search it’s also important to know what terms and conditions will apply to any purchase, and where there are any warranties or structural guarantees in place.

• And don’t forget, it’s imperative you do your due diligence on the property developer, to ensure who you’re dealing with is trustworthy and reputable.


House & land considerations
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