5 Top tips for setting yourself up for retirement

Are you prepared for retirement? It may seem a long way off but it’s essential to have a financial strategy in place. Here are our top five tips to help give your nest egg a golden glow.


1. Start now – Most people leave it too late to start a regular savings plan so jump in and start one today. Try and put a little extra away each month in a high interest savings account. 

2. Add to your super – Having an extra 10 to 15 per cent of your wage put directly into your super can make a massive difference to your retirement savings – it’s also tax-effective.

3. Repay your mortgage – The faster you repay your home loan the more cash flow you’ll have to save or invest.

4. Invest in property – Investment property held for the long term is an excellent source of cash flow as well as an appreciating asset.

5. Hunt down lost super – If you’ve worked more than one job you might have some super funds you’re not sure about. Start your super hunt at www.findmysuper.com.au

5 Top tips for setting yourself up for retirement
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