9 tips for Keeping warm on a budget

Unfortunately, winter time also has its financial costs, with electricity bills reflecting the growing cost of heating a home.

With the help of a few energy-efficient strategies, however, you’ll not only keep your home warm but also not fear the winter bill quite so much.

1.     Shut up! Shutting up the house is the easiest way to trap heat inside. Make sure your doors are closed except when you are coming or going out.

2.     Close curtains and blinds: Your windows, even when closed, will transmit cold air into the house. To prevent this from happening, keep your curtains and blinds closed if possible. You’ll have extra privacy as well as a warmer environment.

3.     Insulate your roof: Without proper roof insulation, much of your effort to keep your property warm will be wasted. Remember, heat rises so you need to keep it in.

4.     Be energy efficient: Ensuring your electrical appliances and light globes (used more frequently in winter) are as efficient as possible will save you money year-round, not just in winter. Check appliances for their efficiency ratings.

5.     Save with double-glazing: Investing in high quality double-glazed glass isn’t cheap – but considering how much you’ll save on your electricity bill, it could be a worthwhile long-term investment. 

6.     Hot water bottles: Forget the electric blanket – you can pick up a good old-fashioned hot water bottle for next to nothing. There’s a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes available so you’re bound to find one you like.

7.     Cover the floor: Tiles and timber floors look great but can be cold on the feet in winter. Consider investing in a few rugs for greater comfort.

8.     Rug up: It’s time to dust off the quilts and pull them out from the back of the linen closet. Doonas or throw rugs can also be picked up from as little as $20.

Home cooking: Winter is the best time to perfect your culinary skills and plate up that hearty, comfort food. Cooking on the stove top won’t just fill the house with delicious aromas, it will also warm your kitchen

9 tips for Keeping warm on a budget
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