Eight tips for heating your home

Heating your home doesn’t have to cost the earth... or the planet


Winter time inevitably sees your electricity bill skyrocket because of the running costs of heating your home. But with a few cost-effective tips, you’ll be able to keep your house warm – and not at the expense of the planet. 

1. Keep doors closed: Closing doors traps heat and blocks air movement. By shutting internal doors, you will help to keep your house warmer at night. 


2. Invest in double-glazing: Cheap windows let the cold air penetrate the glass, making your house even colder in winter. By investing in quality double-glazed windows, you will knock hundreds of dollars off your electricity bill in heating your home.


3. Close curtains: For those who do not have double-glazed windows, closing the curtains at night not only gives you privacy but helps to stop the cold from penetrating your home. You’ll also feel warmer in your bed if it’s away from the windows.


4. Air-dry in the bathroom: Clothes dryers are expensive, especially in winter time, but you can get a similar effect by hanging clothes in your bathroom. The heat and steam will not only help to dry your clothes, but you’ll also find that steam will naturally de-wrinkle your clothes, which means you can also save time on ironing. 


5. Hot water bottles: Rather than using an electric blanket, bring out the trusted hot water bottle. Place it in your bed about 15-20 minutes before you go to sleep and you’ll notice a familiar toastiness. Hot water bottles come in all manner of funky shapes and colours and start from about $10.


6. Get cooking: Winter is the best time to perfect your culinary skills in the kitchen, and the steam and heat associated with cooking on the stove will help warm your house.


7. Floor rugs: Hot air rises, which means that when it comes to the floor, it can get quite cool. By placing rugs on the floor, particularly in tiled areas, you’ll notice the difference almost instantly… and so will your feet.


8. Snuggle: Throw rugs come in many varieties and can be picked up from around $20. Consider sitting under a blanket while you watch TV rather than in front of a heater… you’ll be surprised by how warm you will feel.

Eight tips for heating your home
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