3 must dos for your Summer checklist

Don’t let those unwanted household chores ruin your summer dreams. With a simple proactive approach, you’ll have more time in the sun and less time inside fixing the house


There are some household chores that we would rather leave for tomorrow.

You know the ones I’m talking about – those little home DIY jobs that often require no more than a few minutes but never seem to get done. 

Putting off a few jobs here and there is no big deal. However, you’ll be sure to discover that over the year those odd jobs have accrued into some seriously hard work.
With the summer fast approaching and the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to kick yourself into gear and finish off those unwanted projects. 


• Goal setting

The trick to achieving timely results is to set a realistic target from the outset of the project. 
There is nothing more disheartening than falling short of achieving what you set out to do. So, be sure that all goals and targets are realistic, timely and measureable.

Prioritising your projects from most important to least important is the best way to ensure that you are satisfied with all your hard work. 


• Be prepared

While the Christmas break is a fantastic time to tidy up some loose ends around the house, it is quite possibly the worst time of year to go shopping. 
As most of us leave our Christmas shopping to those final few weeks, your local shopping complex is sure to become a nightmare. 
Buying all your resources now will not only save you time, but you will also avoid the headache of Christmas crowds. 

It is also quite common for several smaller outlets and privately owned stores to close up over the Christmas break. Therefore, a golden rule for Christmas cleaning is to ensure that you are well prepared before the busy months. 


• Stay focused 

Trying to remain focused on a job you would rather not do can be difficult. But there are a few ways to help you stay on track. 
A handy tip to remaining motivated is to set several smaller tasks. As nothing is more disappointing than missing your goal, having smaller and more achievable tasks should keep you on the right track.

It’s simple – the more you achieve, the better you feel. Best of all, you are still working towards one big goal. 

3 must dos for your Summer checklist
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