4 Top tips for increasing your asking price on a budget

Looking to upgrade but having trouble achieving your asking price? Here are four sure-fire tips to spruce up the house without breaking the bank.


  1. Ensure the house is spotless – Invest in a professional cleaner to help bring your carpets up to a near-new state. Also pay attention to the outside yard – that means lawns are freshly mowed, gardens weeded and dead trees or shrubs removed. 

  2. Give it a coat of paint – There’s no better way to give your home a new look and feel than with a fresh coat of paint; it will also help boost your asking price. If your budget or timeframe is tight, focus on either the interior or exterior and be sure to keep the colour neutral – you’ll appeal to a wider cross section of buyer. Remember, buy paint in bulk and just stick to one colour; you’ll save significantly. Also, rather than get the painters in call on family and friends for a work bee… you’ll be surprised by how much you can get done over a weekend.

  3. Make for a better mood – First impressions count. On inspection day make sure you open the blinds to let in natural sunlight and use lamps or dimming switches to make for a warmer overall feeling. Also make a few last minute touches before budding buyers arrive, such as fresh flowers in the bathrooms or the aromas of freshly brewed coffee or a homemade cake in the kitchen.

  4. The little things count – Don’t overlook broken door hinges, hotplates and cupboards or leaky taps. While you may think these are small issues, potential buyers are sure to notice. They’re also easy to repair. Spend a weekend fixing anything that’s broken – it should be an inexpensive exercise but you’ll be surprised how it can improve your chances of selling your home.


4 Top tips for increasing your asking price on a budget
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