Sustainability at the forefront of soon-to-sell-out development

Sustainability at the forefront of soon-to-sell-out development

Only a few apartments remain in Stable Group’s Rosebery development, The Burcham.

The development has taken sustainable living to the next level. Including eco technologies, the project aims to make living greener and more economical for residents.

‘Burcham Energy’ is one such solution, the ‘Embedded Electricity Network’ will supply energy via a single ‘gate’ meter, allowing residents to purchase energy at a reduced cost of up to 20 per cent less than market’s lowest retail cost.

Burcham Energy, through its billing manager Energy Trade, uses the power of this bulk purchase, in conjunction with the development's rooftop 54kW solar array (which generates 77,000kW hours per annum of clean electricity for the base building), to negotiate the cheapest rates with the large energy suppliers and in turn passes these savings to the individual apartments through the body corporate.

The development will also include complex systems that can control everything from dimming lights to watering plants and LED lighting designed to use 75 per cent less energy than standard lighting.

The Burcham will feature one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment options, many with their own gardens or courtyards.

Construction is currently underway on the development.

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