New tech to revolutionise auctions

A new online platform is set to streamline the buying process and take pressure out of bidding at auction.

AuctionWiz, created by buyer’s agency Cohen Handler, will connect buyers with a property expert who will assist them during the bidding process at auctions.

The purpose of this new tech is to remove the stress and emotion from the bidding process, which will not only make it easier for the buyer, it will also make it more likely for them to achieve a result they’re happy with.

The agents on the platform are reviewed by other buyers. The buyer will be able to select if they want the Cohen Handler agent to represent them via phone, email or in person at the auction.

Cohen Handler said its aim is to even the imbalance that occurs when buyers go into a transaction and are up against an agent who is representing the seller.

“In the last 16-18 months, we have witnessed a huge demand for dedicated bidding assistance, particularly in Melbourne where the vast majority of properties go to auction,” Cohen Handler co-founder and CEO Ben Handler said.

“In today’s extremely competitive property market, inexperienced buyers are wary about going up against the more seasoned investors, and are continuously missing out on the right opportunities or overpaying for a property when emotion gets in the way,” Mr Handler said.

The full features of AuctionWiz will be rolled out over the next few months and the service will be available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

“AuctionWiz makes bidding easier and will help more people to succeed during what can often be a stressful process. With Cohen Handler, you will have a personalised buyer’s agent who completely understands your brief and can represent you every step of the way,” Mr Handler said.

New tech to revolutionise auctions
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