Hallway to hell

Finding budget housing in a capital city can often be a challenge for renters – but just how desperate would they have to be to register their interest in one of these horrifying listings?

The Worst Room is a blog dedicated to naming and shaming nightmare property listings in capital cities around the globe.

From cupboards under the stairs to a studio with a toilet in the kitchen, no space is too small according to these ‘creative’ landlords.

"City living at its best"

Location: Sydney CBD, Australia 

Rent: $A1,400 per month


"The ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Studio"

Location: London, UK

Rent: £737 per month


“I'm in need to rent the hallway of my small studio (night time only)”

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Rent: $US230 per month


“Room features a special ergonomic space for your mattress with a gentle 45-degree angled slope”

Location: Brooklyn, USA

Rent: $US300 per month


“Room measures 4 feet by 2.5 feet. Shelving unit is included!”

Location: San Francisco, USA

Rent: $US450 per month


(Images: The Worst Room)

Hallway to hell
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