Why build one house when you can have seven?

A whimsical-looking building in Alaska appears to have leapt right off the pages of a Dr Seuss book.

Located over 130 kilometres from Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, this 56-metre structure is known as Goose Creek Tower and looks like a collection of houses stacked upon one another, according to Oddity Central.

This strange tourist attraction was built after a forest fire created a natural clearing among the trees, and offers a beautiful view of Denali – North America’s highest mountain peak.

Goose Creek Tower was built in the late 1990s but after its completion, the owner decided to take some time away from the project, leaving the house abandoned and empty.

The owner of Goose Creek has now completed the major construction, including the wiring and plumbing, and plans on reopening the structure to the public as an observatory soon.

(Images: Oddity Central)

Why build one house when you can have seven?
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