Ostentatious gold apartment hits the market

A two-bedroom unit in Russia has caught the attention of more than a few prospective buyers due to its gaudy gold décor.

The 74-square-metre apartment is expected to receive offers of 6.5 million rubles (AU$126,000), which covers every piece of gold-tinted furniture and décor, according to Oddity Central.

Real estate agent Roman Vikhlyanstev said the current owners are well travelled businessmen with a taste for the fine arts.

“The owners are intellectuals,” he said. “They travel the world and bring exotic decorative items back to their home, which is now reflected in this property.”

While Mr Vikhlyanstev is hopeful that the property will fetch a good price, online comments have been critical of the apartment since photos of it went viral on social media.

(Image source: Avito.ru)

Ostentatious gold apartment hits the market
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