$4 million house comes with own bowling alley

Are you an adult who never truly grew up, with a few million dollars ready to splash? This could be the property for you.

This 40-hectare estate includes a bowling alley, game arcade, bar, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court – and even a zipline extending more than 200 metres (see photos below).

According to the National Post, the owners have built a life-size pirate ship in their barn, where they host an annual Halloween party for 300 guests.

The barn also features a permanent electronic maze, according to the paper.

“Walls are on a motion sensor to heighten the suspense, so that when [people] weave through, they’re met with flashing lights and protruding figures that yell and chuck gooey faux brains,” it said.

Some children find it too scary, so the owners created a child-friendly alternative – an outdoor maze from 2,000 bales of hay.

The property also boasts two playhouses spanning three floors. The playhouses are connected by a bridge and are the starting point for the zipline ride.

The estate is located an hour from Toronto and has been priced at C$3.88 million ($3.94 million).





Images sourced from Harvey Kalles Real Estate


$4 million house comes with own bowling alley
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