How's this for dotty?

A small-town real estate agency isn’t taking liberties with the English language when it describes its latest listing as “unique”.

Jarlands Estate Agents from the English town of Peacehaven is selling a home that has been covered with spots to resemble a Dalmatian dog (see photos below).

The owner, Ian Pierce, painted the property in 2005 to honour his pet after she apparently saved him and his son from dying in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, according to The Argus.

“They were due to go on holiday to Thailand but had to cancel because there was no one to look after their beloved pet, who was aged 13 at the time,” the paper reported.

“Then the tsunami hit the resort they would have been sunning themselves on – killing scores of holidaymakers.”

Mr Pierce said it took him a week to paint the giant black spots on the side of his home.

“I'm not sure if everyone was too impressed with it but most people seemed to like it,” he said.

The property, which has been described as a “unique first floor apartment” by Jarlands Estate Agents, is on the market for £200,000 ($412,000).

Eliska the dog died in 2007 – but Mr Pierce replaced her with a lookalike Dalmatian, whom he also called Eliska.



Images sourced from Jarlands Estate Agents 


How's this for dotty?
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