This house sold for more than $5 million

Sales volumes may have reduced, but that didn't stop the multi-million-dollar deals at auctions across the country last weekend.

Sydney took the crown for the highest number of multi-million-dollar home sales over the past weekend. The city’s auctioneers sold 270 properties for more than $1 million, with 36 in the $2 million range, 10 in the $3 million range and one in the $5 million range, according to APM PriceFinder. 

A six-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in the inner-west suburb of Strathfield took out the title for most expensive result of the weekend, selling for $5.85 million. 

The house, described by listing agent Devine Real Estate as an "heirloom for generations to enjoy", features 1,461 square metres of landscaped grounds, a full-sized tennis court, pool and self-contained summer house. 

The best results for each of Australia's recorded auction markets are listed below (listed in order of market size). 

1. 19 Newton Road, Strathfield, NSW

Sold price: $5.85 million 

Strathfield's median house price: $1,967,500

2. 30 Gibbon Street, New Farm, Qld

Sold price: $1.55 million 

New Farm's median house price: $1,376,000

3. 7 Bath Street, Glenelg South, SA

Sold price: $1.3 million 

Glenelg South's median house price: $720,800

4. 9 Bass Gardens, Griffith, ACT

Sold price: $2.25 million 

Griffith's median house price: $1,162,500

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This house sold for more than $5 million
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