Growing menagerie heralds Montego Hills’ arrival

Montego Hills Chickens

Montego Hills will welcome new “residents” this week as three giant chicken sculptures are installed at the Kingsholme acreage community.

The three chickens, made from corten steel, form part of developer Villawood Properties’ public art program for Montego Hills. They join three giant cockatoos that have already set up home at the community.

Created by renowned Tasmanian sculptor Folko Kooper, the chickens each measure 1.2m in height and will be installed at the Montego Hills Sales & Information Centre.

Kooper’s corten steel bird sculptures, including storks and pelicans, have become a signature feature at Villawood’s communities along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

The installation follows the launch of the community’s third land release, featuring 15 lots, and the start of on-site construction.

Villawood Properties co-Executive Director Tony Johnson said their investment in public art helped to transform their developments into welcoming communities.

“The chicken sculptures add a whimsical flavour to the landscape and seem particularly fitting given Montego Hills is an acreage community that will allow homebuyers to enjoy a rural lifestyle while still being close to the Gold Coast and Brisbane,” he said.

“We love Kooper’s sculptures as they always create a talking point and help bring a new community to life.”

Montego Hills is an acreage community consisting of 160 lots ranging in size between 4,000sqm and 8,000sqm (between 1 acre and 2 acres).

Villawood Properties is one of Australia’s leading residential property developers. It is a privately owned company, founded by Rory Costelloe in 1989 and today operated with co-Executive Director Tony Johnson.

It has created more than 60 award-winning masterplanned communities during the past 25 years, with a focus on amenities including parks, open space and reserves, public art and resident clubs.

Growing menagerie heralds Montego Hills’ arrival
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