Is your property expert the best of the best?

Investors across the country can have their say on property experts, mentors and real estate agents with the launch of the inaugural Investors Choice Awards.

The Investors Choice Awards, partnered with, are a fresh, unique initiative that will allow new and seasoned investors to vote for their most trusted property professionals.

The awards will uncover the most highly regarded businesses in each state and territory, with investors able to vote for professionals across 12 categories such as mortgage brokers, real estate agents, buyer’s agents and property managers. general manager Rhett Dallwitz said the group was proud to be supporting the new initiative, which will hep investors find the most highly recommended businesses in each state.

“We live in a reputation-based economy now so testimonials and results speak for themselves,” Mr Dallwitz said. “We’ve all had positive and negative experiences, regardless of the industry. If you’ve experienced great service and achieved your investment goals, most people within the investor community will want to talk about it to the people they know.

“Social media and the internet have made it far easier to research the investment market, but have also made it easier to call out bad service and performance. Reputation is vital.”

In addition, Mr Dallwitz said endorsements by real-life investors with experience of the ups and downs of property investment will carry significant weight.

“Industry awards are good at rewarding excellence from peers, but it is far more important to be recognised by actual investors,” Mr Dallwitz said. “The reputation of the investment and advice sector has been damaged over recent years, so to find out what investors actually think and who they trust is vital.”

Voting in the Investors Choice Awards opens today and runs until 31 July. Investors only need to vote for one professional and have the opportunity to win an Apple Watch of Samsung Gear S. Voting is open to any investor who has used a professional to support the purchase of a property (whether an investment property or owner occupied). Click here to vote for your favourite property professional.

Is your property expert the best of the best?
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