Dacland launches Manzeene Village at Lara

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Property developer Dacland has launched its latest residential community, Manzeene Village, at Lara, highlighting the site’s convenience to both Melbourne and Geelong, its diverse mix of home blocks well suited to family living and attractive landscaping.

Manzeene Village, just 45 minutes from Melbourne CBD, boasts well-established landscaping and plenty of open green space, a legacy of the farms that formerly occupied the site.

“Dacland’s vision for Manzeene Village highlight the site’s existing setting by preserving and extending the established landscape so that residents can enjoy its beauty as an outdoor recreational area,” said Dacland Managing Director John C Dwyer.

“While each of Dacland’s residential communities is unique and offers distinctive features, our approach to design our communities is consistent, and that is to work with each site to maximise the benefits for future residents,” said Mr Dwyer. “This is key to Dacland’s vision, which is creating communities that offer a realsense of place, and where people love to be."

“In the case of Manzeene Village, we have preserved and extended the well-established gardens planted over many years to create a flowing green wedge right throughout the community.”

Manzeene Village residents will enjoy proximity to established amenities including transport, schools, shopping and other services, and generously-proportioned home sites which provide plenty of room for families to enjoy entertaining, gardening, or just soaking up the atmosphere of a large backyard.

Dacland projects include housing design guidelines to ensure ongoing aesthetic appeal well into the future, encourage a feeling of community, and support a strong return on investment for residents and buyers.

In developing carefully planned, beautiful and enduring residential communities, Dacland also offers buyers$3,000 cash back for front garden landscaping, plus a personal gardener for two years, to help maintain neighbourhood attractiveness and value over time.

Dacland’s Mitchell’s Run project at Doreen – which won the 2013 Urban Development Industry Award for Excellence – was designed to emphasise the natural landscape and draw from the local topography.

The project featured clever urban design with easy access to local amenities, and retained mature river red gums
and other significant vegetation to preserve the local character and ambience.

Information supplied by Dacland

Dacland launches Manzeene Village at Lara
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