7 transforming property investment strategies for significant gain - Brisbane

7 transforming property investment strategies for significant gain - Brisbane

"Discover how to increase cash flow, create capital gains" Our October Networking and Knowhow events are all about using creative strategies to transform properties for significant capital and cashflow gain. We don't hold anything back! Not only will you get the tools, the smarts and the confidence to start a rewarding business as a property investor - but you'll also have an opportunity to bond and connect with dozens of like-minded women investors. It's a rare and special opportunity to meet women with similar investment goals, to share in the success of other investors, and to get firsthand knowledge about how to create a successful property portfolio. During the half day event you'll discover: - 7 Red-hot techniques to increase property cash flow and capital. - How to invest outside the square, outside your area, outside your State and even outside Australia - How you could use the $20K small business tax incentive towards your property transformation - How to the match the right loan to the strategy plus how finance can help increase your cash flow - How to create great value with a very low budget - Renovation tips that will help boost your returns and get the most out of those fixer uppers - Learn the one key thing you must do before developing - Learn the 5 step process to maximise capital and income from every development project - Plus networking with like-minded women and property professionals. When the event is over you'll be armed with a positive, "can do" attitude and all the information you need, ready to propel your portfolio



Event Address

Greek Club, 29/31 Edmondstone St, Brisbane