How to sell for the highest price

By Angus Raine

Angus RaineSometimes selling an investment property is the most effective way to free up your cash and leverage into a bigger deal – but how can you ensure you’re making the most of the market to get the best price for your asset?

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How to succeed at buying off-the-plan

By Lachlan Walker

Lachlan WalkerWith inner-city development ramping up across Australia’s capital cities, investors will increasingly be confronted with off-the-plan investment options, but can buying into a developer’s dream benefit your bottom line?

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Where to buy in Perth

By Cindy Knight

Cindy knight

With so many suburbs to choose from in Perth, it can be hard to know how to find a great area that ticks all the boxes - but there's one suburb that should be catching investors' attention. 

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