A day in the life of a buyer's advocate

Lauren Staley

Coffee, seat-warmers, private property tours and the submitting of multiple offers. Sound like an unusual mix? Welcome to the life of a buyer’s advocate, where two days are rarely the same.

Blogger: Lauren Staley, managing director, Infolio

In today’s blog, I’ll take you behind the scenes and offer unique insight into a day in the life of a buyer’s advocate – and exactly what it might be like to use an advocate to claim your perfect piece of real estate.

6.30am Whether dark and stormy or sunny and mild, a buyer’s advocate starts their day early! Exercise, coffee and a hearty breakfast are the foundations of an active day full of negotiation, discussion and sourcing property.

7.30am Breakfast meetings: An opportunity to meet with relevant agents and alliance partners to discuss clients’ investment requirements – we seek to learn if there are any potential ‘off-market’ properties we might negotiate on without competition from the wider market. These early meetings are always worth organising with trusted agents, and often result in terrific purchases. Buyers’ advocates are also highly active within local business communities, and use this time to attend business networking events.

8.30am Diary confirmation: With multiple property visits on the day’s agenda, we make sure to confirm all private appointments early in the morning. We appreciate that our clients have set aside time to see the properties we’ve selected as a shortlist for their Property Tour, and want to ensure they have the opportunity to visit the full range of homes we have curated for them.

9.00am to 12.00pm Property research and property evaluation: Buyers’ advocates embark upon property research on behalf of their clients, looking for rare opportunities to take advantage of. This research is a mixture of activities, from online reconnaissance through to sending bespoke ‘Call To Action’ agent EDMs. The purpose of these EDMs is to communicate our clients’ specific needs, and to learn of matching opportunities to purchase properties both on- and off-market.

12.30pm Property tour preparation: Our advocates ready themselves for a successful Property Tour, preparing property reports, and ‘goodie bags’ – full of the treats clients need to make it through multiple property viewings with aplomb.

1.00pm to 5.00pm Property Tours: Clients arrive at HQ before hopping into an advocate’s car for a series of private property inspections, set to a strict schedule. Advocates chauffeur their clients on individual Property Tours, ensuring their comfort in rain, hail or shine (we’ve got seat warmers and air conditioners in equal measure!). An essential element of securing the right property for the client, an average Property Tour will see advocate and client inspect between three and six residences. At each location, the advocate comprehensively discusses both the benefits and drawbacks of the property – and how it might fit into your criteria for an investment or residence. We assist our clients to look at property objectively, making a decision based on facts and reason rather than mere ‘gut feeling’. Travelling from property to property gives both advocate and client time to discuss their impressions of the properties presented, further refining our understanding of their needs. Our Property Tours conclude at the office, where clients have the opportunity to ask further questions about the properties viewed, or to select the property they would like to make an offer on.

5.00pm Due diligence and submitting of offers: If a client exhibits interest in acquiring a property shown during their tour, due diligence research on the property in question begins. This final research often results in the advocate submitting an offer to purchase by completing a Contract of Sale on behalf of their client.

5.30pm to 7.00pm Inspection of shortlisted property. An advocate’s work is never done. We take the time to inspect shortlisted properties for suitability on behalf of our clients before presenting them more formally on Property Tours. Undertaking this leg-work eliminates properties that may not be suitable, saving our clients time on their Property Tours and ensuring they see ‘the best of the best’.

Phew! There you have it: one action-packed, results-filled day in the life of a buyer’s advocate. As you can tell, the role of a buyer’s advocate requires endless enthusiasm for real estate, a true connection to the market they work within, and a commitment to achieving stress-free, exceptional results for clients.

Lauren Staley

Lauren Staley

Lauren is a licensed real estate agent and member of the REIV. An expert in her field, Lauren has over 18 years
industry experience spanning across property management, buyers advocacy for homebuyers and luxury
homebuyers, property investment and residential sales.

Lauren’s background in residential sales, buyer advocacy, and property management with leading real estate
agencies has provided her with insight into purchasing, selling and leasing-out homes within Melbourne.

A day in the life of a buyer's advocate
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