Plan for success in the US property market

Matthew Stubbs

Investing in real estate in the US is a current trend among Australians. But how can you ensure a great performance of your American investments?

Blogger: Matthew Stubbs, founder, InvestUSA

Have the right team on the ground

Having a quality team in the US is key. They can do the thorough vetting and screening work needed to select the best properties and investment opportunities. And they can ensure they are kept in quality condition while you aren’t there. The right team should have established relationships that you can leverage, which can build in discounts on all types of vendor services and increase net returns. Though perhaps most important is a team that shares your vision. Find a team that shares synergy in long-term property investment.

Buy in the right US cities

Quality investments that will live up to your personal goals require investing in the right city, at the right time. Those looking for opportunities that are more affordable, and offer better value than in Sydney probably won’t be looking to New York or San Francisco. Kansas City and Chicago might be a better fit. Keep an open mind, and look for cities that match your desire for yield, growth, value, and low risk.

Buy in the right neighbourhoods

Honing in on the best US investment opportunities is all about location. Pinpointing the very best means honing in on a local level. Is the urban inner city or suburbs the best choice? Which neighbourhoods, communities, and streets offer the optimal blend of quality, security, and performance? Your local team of investment property specialists can help you identify them.

Property management

Having local property management is essential if you are living abroad. These are the professionals that won’t just make sure your rents are being turned in, but will ensure your property is maintained to high-quality standards to ensure long-term and maximum value.


The quality of your investment doesn't just apply to the condition of the property when you purchase it. It also means having a team in place that ensures you are investing in the right area for your personal financial goals and timeline, and maintains that income-producing property to a high standard. All of these factors are critical to maximising your portfolio performance no matter where you invest.

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Matthew Stubbs

Matthew Stubbs

A property developer and investor, Matt has experience in both the Australian and US Markets. 

After the Global Financial Crisis Matt moved to America to learn about their real estate market  and now owns and manages a substantial portfolio of properties.  

As founder and managing director of InvestUSA Matt now focuses his energy on educating Foreign Investors on how to invest safely and securely in the United States.


Plan for success in the US property market
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