What investors need to know about the changing rental market

Cristel Stenhouse

The Australian rental market has made a substantial shift since the first interest rate cuts during the GFC in September 2008 - here's what you need to know about what's in store. 

Blogger: Cristel Stenhouse, business development manager, Belle Property

Data has revealed the most affected group was Gen Y (18-24 Year olds), who experienced record highs of unemployment, increased reliance on government benefits, and salary growth only marginally over inflation.

The economy began to emerge again in 2009; however evidence concludes that consumers were still wary due to belief that their personal circumstances had declined.

The rental market has substantially changed; yet investors still appear to be driven by the same factors they were pre-GFC.

Surveys show 1 in 3 Gen Ys believe they will never be able to afford to buy, trends show that as early as 2006 they were staying in the family home much later, however it appears since the GFC this has elongated and left a sizeable void in the lower end of the market.

With borrowing restrictions and large deposits now required, staying home later has become the ‘norm’ for Gen Y. The shift has left higher vacancies in the lower end of the market which throughout history has traditionally been the strongest sector, while the middle has emerged as the worthy alternative.

This is clearly evident in recent vacancy rates, which show family homes are experiencing the tightest vacancy rates whilst townhouse and units are experiencing record highs.

A unit may be more affordable than a house, but bear in mind that negative gearing may be an option – if it’s still around (however that’s for another day). 

Investors must now more than ever look at the demographics of the area they will potentially purchase in; the probable target market has become imperative. This considerable decline to this sector of the prospective tenant pool may substantially affect their ability to lease their new investment. 


What investors need to know about the changing rental market
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Cristel Stenhouse

Cristel Stenhouse

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