Harness the power of super

If you were ever to consider what type of super power you would most like to have, DIY super may not always be the first thing that springs to mind. And yet the investment opportunities it opens up can considerable.

Instead of leaving your financial future in the hands of others, taking the DIY super approach allows you to have more influence over your wealth creation strategy and retirement planning through managing your own (or up to four members’) superannuation. 

A DIY super fund can be used to invest in all types of property. The income earned is taxed at just 15 per cent, which is significantly lower than even the lowest tax brackets. As well as additional enticing tax breaks there is potentially a lot of wealth to be gained via this type of super approach.

But while a DIY fund can give you more freedom when it comes to investing using your retirement funds, there are strict rules that come attached.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to invest your money as you please; rather, there will be restrictions that govern the way you use your fund since every investment must in some way provide revenue for your fund.

Also, keep in mind that DIY super funds aren’t for every investor. With greater control comes greater responsibility, effort and maybe even greater cost.

A DIY super fund can take quite a chunk of change to set up and maintain, for example.

Therefore, it is more likely to suit investors with a large amount of money in the fund – say around $100,000 to $200,000 – for it to add value rather than take it away.

If you are considering the DIY option, you will need to have both the time and skills to manage it yourself as this type of approach requires a close and frequent eye on the status of your super investments.

Turning to an accredited industry expert – such as an accountant or financial planner – for advice can benefit you and your situation and is needed to determine whether the DIY super approach is the right fit for you in the first place.

Feel free to give us a call if you’d like some assistance in tracking down an accountant or financial planner as we share some sound relationships with quality professionals; we can also discuss the mortgage financing of your DIY super.

Remember, the above is basic information about using your super to purchase property and should not be taken as investment advice. We recommend that you speak with relevant professionals before making any investment decision.

Harness the power of super
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