The shifting tide of buying to rent

By Nic Cuni

There’s an old adage in real estate that rent money is dead money. Given the choice between home ownership or living a tenant’s life, most property buyers used to opt for the former. But this sentiment is shifting, especially in Melbourne and Sydney, writes Nic Cuni of EST8 Agency.

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The 4 keys to property success

By Jane Slack-Smith

Collaboration with family, friends and even strangers could become the preferred way to secure a piece of the Australian property market, in a series of new investment practices designed to shift traditional thinking into contemporary opportunities before market regulations change and further hamper investment opportunities.

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3 tips for investing in a one-bed unit

By Chris Gray

In recent times, affordability and a growing number of single person households have made one-bedroom units and studio apartments popular investment choices. So, is it worth investing in a one-bedroom unit? 

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The 7 rules of bidding at auction

By Cate Bakos

All of our capital cities host auctions; some more than others. Melbourne is well known as the auction capital, but Sydney has its fair share, as does Brisbane. From on-site to in-room styles, one thing is common. Buyers are generally quite anxious about auctions and most serious bidders find the process quite stressful.

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