How to find a brilliant property manager

Tim Godden

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A brilliant property manager could save you thousands of dollars, increase the financial return on your property, keep maintenance costs to a minimum and have perfect tenants who pay their rent on time. But how do you find a brilliant property manager? How do you compare your existing property manager with one who might manager your investment better? 

Using Property Management Concierge to help find a new property manager might just be the answer

Now you can – simply, easily and comprehensively – compare all property managers that could manage your investment and you can do this for absolutely no cost and no effort on your behalf.  

A recent client asked us to find out how well his current property manager was doing. First, we prepared a rental appraisal for him and advised him that his property was being rented at $110 per week under the amount it should have been. After extensive research and investigation, we recommended a brilliant property manager and arranged to change the managers for him.

The new property manager now rents his property out for $115 per week more than the amount the landlord was previously receiving. We estimated that he lost more than $5,000 in income by staying with his existing property manager and not considering alternatives.

We did all the work for him – and it cost him absolutely nothing.

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How does Property Management Concierge work?

You will have your own personal property management concierge who will work solely for you. You will have access to our team of independent professionals who can provide guidance on all aspects of your investment, including insurance, finance, legal, maintenance and regulations. We will take the time to learn what is most important for you in the management of your property. We will source only the best property managers to manage your property. After identifying only the best property managers, we will put them through a strict and exhaustive assessment to ensure they will be perfect to manage your investment.

Only those managers who exceed our expectations will be asked to provide their proposal for the management of your property. Once their proposals have been received, we will rigorously negotiate the terms, fees and services so that you receive the best possible management service. We will present you with our unbiased and independent recommendations. The choice of property manager always remains your decision. You are always in control. If you decide to change property managers, we will organise everything for you. It will be easy, efficient and seamless.

During the ongoing management of your property, we are available to you 24 hours a day. We will continually monitor the performance of your property manager on your behalf.


All our services are FREE.

We are totally independent and have no affiliation with any real estate agency or property manager. We work for you. With more than 30 years’ combined experience in dealing with more than 4,000 property managers and real estate agents, our team of professionals work for you to find you the perfect property manager. We know the good ones, we know the bad ones. We do all the work for you, and if you choose to change property managers, we will organise everything for you. It will be easy, efficient and seamless.

If your property manager isn’t brilliant, it’s time to change. If you haven’t checked for alternative offers and property managers recently, you could be missing out on greatly improved service, better communication and increased financial returns. We can make this happen for you.

Property Management Concierge is a FREE personal service for landlords renting their property. With Property Management Concierge you can have a team of experienced, independent professionals working for you. We protect your interests and we are available to you 24 hours a day, providing guidance and advice. We do all the work for you in finding the perfect property manager for your property. And our service is FREE.

We are very skilled property management negotiators. Even though you may be happy with your current property manager, it makes financial sense to compare alternatives.  Visit or talk to us at 1300 736 538 to find out more.



How to find a brilliant property manager
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Tim Godden

Tim Godden

Tim Godden is a licensed real estate agent and has owned a highly successful real estate services company.  During his real estate career Tim has helped provide service to more than 4,000 property managers and 200,000 landlords, gaining an intimate knowledge into property management and the specific needs of landlords.

Tim’s wife Anna has a strong background in property management having led a division of property managers for many years.  The choice of property manager is one of the most important decisions a landlord will make and Tim and Anna identified a need from landlords for assistance in maximising their financial returns by helping them find a brilliant property manager.  They established Property Management Concierge to assist landlords find the best property manager for their property, increase their financial returns organise everything for them.  Importantly for landlords, the service provided is free. 


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